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Neurological and Neurosurgical Negligence Claims

Were you, or a member of your family affected by incompetence, inaction or errors made by a neurology specialist? If you have suffered from an Neurosurgical Claimsinfection or injury which affected the brain, spinal chord or nervous system, and you believe this was caused by negligence, our clinical negligence solicitors may be able to assist you in seeking recompense for your suffering. Talk to us in confidence today by calling our free claim helpline, or by requesting a call-back using the secure enquiry form.

Neurological and neurosurgical claims can be brought if a surgeon or practitioner has failed in their duty of care to the patient, or errors during surgery have resulted in complications. Common examples of negligence we encounter in this area of medicine include:

• Delays in diagnosing a malignant tumour or subarachnoid haemorrhage.
• Incorrect prescription of drugs used to control epilepsy and Transient Ischaemic attacks (TIA).
• Failures concerning the management and treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS).
• Errors during the administration of an anaesthetic.
• Failure to diagnose cancer, or carry out the appropriate tests.
• Failure to refer to patient records to check for known allergies/ pre-existing conditions.
• Incorrect diagnosis of a spinal condition causing delays in treatment and incontinence.
• Consent issues in paediatrics involving infants and young children.

Neurology and neurosurgery are the fields of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the brain, spine and nervous system. The responsibility of a neurologist is to diagnose a condition and organise appropriate treatment based on the results of various scans, whereas the role of a neurosurgeon is to carry out surgery based on the advice of the neurologist. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan, and errors occur – often with severe consequences for the patient in their care. Neurosurgery claims are very important that you choose the right solicitors do deal with your claim as you do need a specialist.

If you believe you have suffered due to the negligence of your surgeon or a neurology specialist, take advantage of our free claims assessment service to find out whether you could be entitled to compensation. Simply complete the 2-minute application form online, and one of our neurology claims specialists will contact you with a decision in as little as 24 hours.

Understanding Neurology

Neurology is a complex field of medicine geared to the diagnosis and treatment of both hereditary conditions and trauma injuries arising from common accidents. Neurologists and neurosurgeons encompass a variety of specialists whom treat conditions affecting the brain, spine and nervous system – some anatomical, others caused by blunt force trauma. Most will require some form of surgery to prevent further complications.
The brain is a complicated and delicate organ, therefore the risks associated with invasive surgery will always be higher than for other parts of the body. Fortunately, these risks are minimised thanks to the exceptional skill and precision of neurology specialists, and constant advancements in medical technology. Human error accounts for the vast majority of neurological and neurosurgical claims; often with devastating consequences for the patient and his/ her family.

Are You Entitled To Claim?

Injuries caused by neurological negligence vary somewhat in severity owing to the wide range of treatments and surgeries employed for managing and treating conditions. The vast majority of claims for this type of negligence are made for pre-operative complications, such as delayed patient referrals and misdiagnosis. Failures at this stage can make it extremely difficult to treat a condition once it has progressed, therefore early detection is often vital to prevent further complications.

In order for a claim to be considered, it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt that such failures were the primary cause of patient suffering. A medical negligence solicitor must also demonstrate that a competent medical professional would not have made the same mistake under the same circumstances. Neurological and neurosurgical claims are one of the most complicated areas of personal injury law, so it is vital the solicitor representing you has the necessary experience to see your claim to a successful conclusion.

How We Can Help

Neurological And NeurosurgicalQuite understandably, compensation will never ease the heartbreaking effects of medical negligence on the lives of patients and their families, however, it can often help at a time when finances are severely compromised. Our medical negligence solicitors are committed to getting you the maximum compensation possible for your injury claim, and will do their utmost to offer the support you need at this uncertain time. We have a number of services and specialists at our disposal, which means we can often help with the costs of interim care and treatment while your claim is being progressed. Furthermore, we operate on a no win no fee basis, so we can guarantee (for peace of mind) you’ll never be liable for any unexpected legal costs.

To find out whether you’re entitled to compensation after your recent ordeal, contact our medical negligence solicitors for advice on our free claim helpline number. We’ll be happy to offer support and guidance regarding your legal rights, whether or not you choose to take up our services.