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NHS Medical Negligence

Considered one of the UK’s long time national assets since its foundation in 1948, the NHS is, for most of us, a vital resource we could not do without. From dental care and health advice, to emergency and cosmetic surgery, we rely upon this state-funded program for all aspects of our day-to-day health concerns. In the majority of cases, the level of care and professionalism toward patients is exemplary and cannot be faulted, but occasionally mistakes do happen.

If you have suffered as a result of mis-diagnosis, malpractice or improper care, you may qualify for an NHS medical negligence compensation claim.

Examples of NHS medical negligence might include:

  •   Birth injury caused by a breech birth, difficult labor or forceps delivery.
  •   Cerebral palsy, due to birth complications.
  •   Brain injuries as a result of birth or surgical complications.
  •   Misdiagnosis, leading to the preventable advance of a disease or condition.
  •   Preventable death.
  •   Failure to answer an emergency call within an acceptable time period, leading to complications.
  •   Malpractice – including failure to warn of potential risk or side-effects.
  •   Post-traumatic stress.

Even if you think your clinical negligence claim may be too difficult to prove, our dedicated medical negligence solicitors can help. Call us today for a risk-free evaluation of your case. Starting a claim is free, and we could help you seek 100% of the compensation.

NHS Medical Negligence Cases

According to the National Health Service Litigation Authority, the number of medical negligence claimants rose from 6,652 between 2009/2010 to 8,655 between 2010/2011. This dramatic increase does not include the number of pending NHS medical negligence claims which are still being fought. Compared to the 58 million or so citizens whom rely upon the NHS for regular check-ups, treatment and accident emergency services, this is a minute percentage, indicative that as a whole, the NHS remains both reliable and consistent in its standards. It also shows that despite these standards, a significant number of people still experience less than exemplary standards of care, leading to a host of physical, mental and financial complications.

Seeking Medical Negligence Compensation

Early legal assistance is often vital for NHS medical negligence claims; therefore the sooner you contact a professional solicitor, the sooner your case can be investigated. We actively encourage anyone considering a claim for medical negligence to first honour their complaint in writing to the appropriate local primary care trust (in the case of a GP) or hospital. This will enable us to ascertain the care trust’s stance regarding your complaint, and could be used as evidence if it appears your complaint has not been addressed in a satisfactory way.

Our medical negligence solicitors are experts in the investigation of medical negligence claims, and could help you access the documents needed to support your case. This is offered as part of our no win no fee assurance, along with our commitment to you for full and final settlement of your claim. Contact us today for advice about making a claim, either via the brief online form, or by calling us on the free phone number above.