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NHS Paid Almost £100 Million in Compensation to Medical Negligence Victims during 2010-11

The National Health Centre Litigation Authority released a report recently which gives a clear picture that the medical negligence victims received almost £100 in compensation from the NHS. This is a huge increase as compared to the 2009-10 figures. During 2009-10, the victims of clinical negligence only received £56 in compensation. One in every ten cases was awarded compensatory medical negligence solicitorsbenefits in the last financial year. 1204 compensation claim cases were filed against NHS. The medical negligence solicitors can be given credits for the huge payout to the unfortunate victims of clinical negligence.

Misdiagnosis claims are on a steady rise since 2006-07. It has increased by 80% over the last five years. In 2006-2007, the total number of clinical negligence compensation claims was just 681 in 2006-2007. Though some bureaucrats and ministers have complained that the steady rise occurred because of mushrooming no win no fee solicitor agencies that are considered by some sections of the government scrupulous, the truth of medical negligence epidemic cannot be concealed. It is true that there are several agencies that are very persuasive in nature and want to take up these claims cases by hook or crook. But the almost £100 million compensation payout proves that these agencies did not emerge like bolt from the blue. The substructure of their emergence was prepared much before.

The biggest payout by NHS till date is £4.1 million. A misdiagnosed patient of cancer received £959,000 in compensation by the NHS. There were twelve payouts of £300,000 or more by the NHS. Eight cases were awarded more than £2 million each which clearly shows that some of the NHS doctors were not doing their noble job properly and carefully. The medical negligence solicitors burgeoned just because of the rise in clinical negligence cases. These solicitor firms are intended for providing comprehensive legal services to the medical negligence victims. Many of these agencies work on a no win no fee basis.

Understanding the modus operandi of the no win no fee solicitors might help in filing medical negligence compensation claims easily. These agencies work on the basis of Conditional Fee Agreements they sign with their clients. As per the clauses contained in a CFA, the solicitors are bound not to ask for any legal fees before their clients win their cases. They can only demand fees from their clients post winning a case. These fees include basic fees for the services provided by the lawyer and success fees.

The expertise of the medical negligence solicitors must also be taken into consideration. For example, you need to check whether the solicitor agency you are opting for has dealt with clinical negligence cases before. If you are giving a thought to a solicitor who specializes in car accident claims or claims for accident at work, you are probably making a wrong move. You should only opt for solicitors who have deal t with clinical negligence claims cases in specific. Search on the web and you would find a host of solicitor agencies offering specialized services for the victims of clinical negligence.