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No Win No Fee Claims Is the Only Solution for Hundreds of a Neglected and Misdiagnosed

clinical negligenceWhat happens when a person suddenly discovers that the doctor he was trusting like anything was a quack? What happens when a patient finds that his doctor is not attending him and not paying heed to him? It hurts, it creates a fury and that’s quite natural. Cynics may describe the panoptic activities of the no win no fee claims experts as banking on the plight of the victims and they might highlight the commercial interests of the personal injury lawyers. But the truth is, had there been not these solicitors, many more cases of negligence would die in oblivion. Filing a compensation claim against negligent medicos is not just an imperative; it’s an object lesson for many of the healthcare professionals and associated staffs.

Why choose a ‘no win no fee’ solicitor?

Many have a common perception that no win no fee solicitors are not the best solicitors to hire. They also think that these solicitors provide their pro bono services just because their market demand is too low. This is not true as there’s a provision in the English legal system for medical negligence solicitors to provide pro bono services and these solicitors just play within the rules. On the other hand, since Legal Aid got abolished in 1990sit has become very expensive to file this sort of claims. Claimants, who are laypeople in most cases, fall on hard times following a case of clinical negligence as they cannot go to their workplace and lose their earnings. What better than a ‘no win no fee’ agreement that saves a claimant from additional financial liabilities?

Qualification and serviceability

The Law Society has a Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme which covers all sorts of personal injury services including medical negligence compensation claim services. A law degree is must for the aspiring lawyers. They need to study a variety of subjects including contract law, restitution and tort laws, constitutional law, human rights law, property law, criminal law, law of trusts, and European Union laws. The Law Society decides whether a clinical negligence solicitor’s educational qualification matches the requirements for practicing Tort Law in England and Wales. Solicitors who practice personal injury compensation claim services need to satisfy an array of requirements.

Licensed and duly qualified no win no fee claims experts are serviceable in the following manner. Firstly, they can provide legal guidance and other solutions for the victims. Secondly, they enter a ‘no win no fee agreements with their clients which is extremely beneficial for them. Thirdly and most importantly, they can arrange for After the Event insurance which saves the claimants from paying the legal costs of the defendants even if they lose their cases in court.

For finding no win no fee medical negligence claim compensation experts, you need to go on the web and conduct panoptic research. Peruse the service areas of different firms and practitioners, see whether the solicitors are duly accredited and take wise decisions. You can use any major search engine like Google.

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