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No Win No Fee Medical Negligence

As a nation, we pride ourselves on having one the most beneficial and advanced national healthcare systems in the world. Nearly all of us at one time or another will come to rely upon this resource for free medical treatment or advice, which we trust is of the highest standard. For the most part, treatment provided by NHS practitioners cannot be faulted, and saves the lives of thousands each year. Very occasionally, these exceptional standards fall below the acceptable level required of healthcare professionals, leading to a non-relative illness or injury for a percentage of patients treated. Such circumstances may provide grounds for a no win no fee medical negligence claim.

Our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors have already enabled thousands of UK citizens to access compensation for negligence cases, including those involving misdiagnosis, birth injury and post-surgery complications. Their expertise also extends to cases involving cerebral palsy and brain injury, for which it can often be difficult to seek compensation after 36 months have passed.

If you have endured sickness or injury as a result of malpractice, or you have a pre-existing medical condition made worse by questionable treatment, you may be entitled to make a no win no fee medical negligence claim. 


No Win No Fee Explained

UK law has legitimized no win no fee medical negligence claims as a beneficial alternative to Legal Aid. Prior to 1998, qualifying victims of clinical negligence could seek financial support paid for by the Government, in order to access compensation. Following a review of this costly practice, changes to the law were made that now prohibit people applying for Legal Aid for medical negligence cases.

This move allowed medical negligence solicitors to devise a new system, known as a “conditional fee agreement”, which allowed negligence victims to access free legal representation on the condition the solicitor seeks representation and administration fees from the guilty party. Translated, this means that any solicitor offering their services on a no win no fee basis can justly do so, at no risk or cost to the claimant.


Proven Expertise and Ongoing Support

Nearly all types of medication and treatment carry side-effects; the risks of which are usually communicated in a preliminary consent interview or consultation. Occasionally, the full extent of such side-effects may not be accurately disclosed, leading to post-surgery complications. Medical professionals have an obligation to disclose all information relating to the possible side-effects of treatment, along with any negative prognosis associated with it. If it can be found that you suffered because you were not sufficiently informed of these facts, or your physician did not evaluate your case prior to administering this treatment, you may qualify for no win no fee medical negligence compensation.

Our expert medical negligence solicitors can help you establish a claim, and will strive to seek 100% compensation on your behalf. There are no complex forms to complete; no awkward consultations. Simply fill out the online form with just a few basic details relevant to your case, and a member of our team will contact you at a time to suit. Alternatively, you may call us on our free phone number above for free legal advice, or to start a claim.