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Physicians should be responsible in reducing birth injuries and ensure better future for children

medical negligenceEnsuring protection to life! That is the key responsibility of healthcare service providing professionals, especially physicians. Unfortunately, the increasing number of birth injury cases evidently raises the question against sincerity of doctors regarding fulfillment of their goal. Looking at the current situation, it is difficult for any individual to believe that physicians working under the payroll of the NHS can secure their overall well-being, especially when the available evidences are suggesting that due to mere negligence, every year; several newborns are becoming victims of birth injury. The consequences of such incidents are not only life changing but also fatal in many cases. At the same time, children born with such conditions become a burden over nation and the situation as a whole stands in contradiction to the common belief that newborns are future of a country. While this specific form of medical negligence is at large, the role as well as competence of the NHS in improving the situation comes under scanner. Consequently, the supreme healthcare administrative body of the UK calls for more sincere approach from physicians in reducing birth injuries, which would ultimately secure a better future for children.

Initiatives that the UK Citizens May Undertake:

Appealing to good conscience of people works in fewer occasions than it is actually anticipated. So, the need for making them adhere to the situation is at large and this is exactly where the issue of legal enforcement comes. The English legal system has a special compensation policy against any form of personal injuries and implementation of the same principles has generated birth injury claims. If responsibility of a physician or any other healthcare provider is found behind this unfortunate incident, under the English legal jurisprudence, the person or the institution will be held liable to compensate the victim against the damages caused. Moral responsibility of the UK citizens, thus, amounts to drawing the highest legal attention to such issues and in this course deliver a message of protest to wrongdoers that acts of medical negligence won’t escape attention. Moreover, children with birth injury require constant medical attention, not to mention the need for adult supervision as well as addition care. The entire procedure is a costly affair and the amount the court will award to the victim party, can be used for satisfying the purpose.

The Consequences of Birth Injury:

  • A child with birth injury is most likely to have cognitive difficulties, which may include psychological, physiological and emotional handicap
  • The child may need constant rehabilitative therapy and additional care
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Psychologically traumatizing experience for the family members

With the help of qualified medical negligence solicitors, the birth injury claims cases can be addressed before a court of law under the benefits of ‘No Win No Fee’ scheme. Considering sensitivity of such issues, the court also attempts to deliver the final sentence promptly and upon finding the elements of liability from the physician or the medical institution, the court may direct the wrongdoer to pay 100% of the estimated compensation amount. With the leading personal injury soliciting firms of the UK, you are sure to receive all sorts of facilities and benefits that may help you winning the case.

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