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Poor Communication Fuels the Incidents of Clinical Negligence

"clinical negligence"While the ghost of clinical negligence and increasing number of claims for the same continues to haunt the NHS, a very recent report suggests that poor communication of the healthcare providers with patients has contributed significantly behind such incidents. Patients have described the communication method of healthcare professionals as ‘carless’, ‘insincere’ and ‘unclear’. As the healthcare providing professionals, employed by the NHS, haven’t been able to convey proper information to patients, quite naturally the rate of medical negligence claim cases has soared and consequently the supreme medical management body is getting liable to pay huge amount of compensation charge. During 2011-12, according to the report, almost 16,500 of such complaints were lodged. If the NHS is trying to find a constructive solution to the worsening situation, it needs to provide adequate focus over medical negligence as well.

How Proper Communication Can Reduce Clinical Negligence:

One of the basic duties of a physician or any other type of medical professional is to diagnose the health condition of a patient and then let him/her know of the problems he/she is suffering from, in a way that is convenient to understand. While the professional is responsible to recommend the correct treatment procedure, in order to gain the best results, the patient should also follow certain routine and restrictions. This is where proper communication is of extreme importance. However, depending on the statistical reference it seems that incidents of clinical negligence are of multiple types. For instance, during 2011-12, almost 1500 such cases were found where the medical institutions under direct control of the NHS have refused to admit commission of a mistake. There has also been almost 42% rise in the number of complaints, suggesting inadequate remedies provided to patients. While the cases of clinical inattention are on a rise, providing proper attention to these issues can surely improve the situation and restore people’s confidence upon the healthcare services of the country.

How May Compensation Claim and Legal Attention Improve the Situation?

There is no scope to dispute the fact that since last few years, the pressure for proper medical attendance has increased significantly. The population growth has an important role to play in this context. However, while it is the duty of the NHS to expand its infrastructure accordingly and employ experts who may be attending cases with adequate empathy, clearly no such steps has yet been taken. What is important in this context is to point the declining nature of healthcare services to the mass as well as to the NHS and none other than providing adequate legal addressing to the situation can accomplish the purpose. The medical negligence solicitors apparently help people to win certain amount of compensation fee for the injuries caused. However, with every such triumph of the patient party the NHS experiences monetary loss and that in turn affects entire economy of the nation. This is a great way to draw media attention and make people aware of their rights, which is another way of sending strong messages for infrastructural improvement to the supreme medical management body.

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