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Pregnancy Negligence Related Injury Claims

Have you or your child suffered a birth or maternal injury due to the way your labour was handled? If you believe the negligence or error of a Pregnancy Negligence Claimsmedical professional to have been a factor, we could help you to seek compensation for your suffering on a risk-free, no win no fee basis. Our trusted medical negligence solicitors offer support for anyone who has suffered due to negligence during pregnancy, and related injuries caused by mishandled birth, and can assist you with all aspects of the claims process. Simply complete the short enquiry form online to book your free consultation.

For most parents, the birth of a child is an unforgettable experience, made easier by the knowledge they are in the safest possible hands when it comes to delivery. But, while most hospital facilities cannot be faulted for their excellent standards of prenatal and antenatal care, there are some hospitals where the levels of hygiene, dedication and care fall well below the expected standard. The majority of women are fortunate in that these standards rarely effect the handling of their labour, however, in some cases, the negligence of medical professionals has been known to cause serious injury to  mothers and newborn infants.

Our birth injury claims solicitors encounter many different types of claim brought for injuries caused to women and children due to prenatal and post-natal negligence. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Failure to diagnose gestational diabetes or  preeclampsia.
  • Excessive force used during a forceps or ventouse delivery.
  • Failure to recognise signs of infant oxygen deprivation.
  • Errors in diagnosing an ectopic or molar pregnancy.
  • Surgical episiotomy errors.
  • Inadequate monitoring of mother or child during a problematic delivery.
  • Anaesthetic errors  – particularly those involving epidurals.
  • Failure to detect foetal abnormalities.
  • Undiagnosed disabilities, such as Down’s Syndrome.
  • Delay in performing an emergency caesarean when an infant is in distress.

It’s important to remember that the majority of hospital deliveries are extremely well handled, with little risk of complication or injury to mother and child. But, while most labours are wont to go smoothly, there are occasions where maternal delivery will necessitate assistance, especially if the mother or child are perceived to be in danger. Obstetric specialists are trained to deal with complications in the event they arise, however , occasionally mistakes occur, causing unnecessary injury to mother and/ or child.

If you believe the negligence of your midwife or physician was the likely cause of injury to you or your child, you may be eligible to file a no win no fee claim for injury compensation. We are dedicated to the provision of straightforward legal advice irrespective of your financial position, and could help you recover damages at no cost. Call us, or apply online today.

Prenatal Negligence And Pregnancy Injuries

Pregnancy should be an exciting time for mothers-to-be. But while most suffer very few complications other than the usual pregnancy discomforts, some women are plagued by complications which start as early as the second trimester. Thankfully, we have the screening technology available to detect these conditions much earlier than ten years ago, and with careful monitoring, most women go to full term without any serious risk to their own health, or that of their unborn child. Unfortunately, even the most experienced midwives and obstetric specialists can make mistakes, ranging from failure to diagnose foetal anomalies, to more serious conditions that can affect the health of mother and child, such as gestational diabetes. Mismanagement of these conditions can have dire repercussions later on in pregnancy, and in extreme cases, premature surgical intervention may be required.

Birth-related Negligence

The majority of negligence claims for pregnancy injuries are brought for errors which occur during maternal delivery. Failure to recognise the symptoms of foetal distress, and respond quickly has been known to cause oxygen deprivation to the child, resulting in brain damage and Cerebral Palsy. Assisted deliveries can also be problematic, particularly if medical staff are under pressure to deliver a child due to maternal and foetal distress. In the case of a forceps or ventouse delivery, the baby may suffer from fractures or scarring due to excessive force, or suffer oxygen deprivation due to the umbilical cord becoming entangled. A significant number of maternal injury claims are also brought for negligence involving administration of an epidural and episiotomy tears, which if not rectified, may cause serious discomfort and problems with future deliveries.

Experts in Pregnancy and Birth Injury Claims

Pregnancy and Birth Injury ClaimsOur birth injury claims experts have handled cases on behalf of many thousands of clients across the UK, and have gained a strong reputation for their success with difficult cases. We’re committed to offering peace of mind for clients with a clear no win no fee agreement, and endeavour to offer our support throughout the claims process. We also enlist the help of some of the leading obstetric and birth injury specialists in the UK, so you can feel confident you have the best possible chance of a successful outcome. Our ethical approach to birth injury claims means you’ll never have to be concerned with legal costs, or any deductions made to your compensation. All relevant costs are sought from the party at fault, or covered by our insurance policy in the unlikely event your case isn’t successful.

If you, or your child have been affected by the negligence of a medical professional, and you’re unsure of your rights, speak to one of our friendly birth injury claims solicitors who can advise you based on the strengths of your case. Simply complete the online form providing a few brief details of your claim, or call us directly on the free claim helpline number. Our advice is free and you’re under no obligation to proceed based on any advice given.