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Prescription Error Claims And Wrong Medication Claims

Were you or a member of your family adversely affected by medication that was wrongly prescribed? If you have suffered personal injury or Prescription Error Wrong Medicationillness due to the incorrect prescription or dispensation of medication, our clinical negligence experts could help you to seek recompense for your suffering. Our prescription error claims experts handle dozens of claims like these on a weekly basis, and bear a strong track record of success in the pursuit and recovery of injury compensation. To find out whether you qualify for no win no fee legal assistance, contact us via the secure online form for impartial advice and a free legal consultation.

We may be able to assist you in the recovery of injury compensation if your suffering was caused by any of the following factors:

• Medication prescribed for longer than is necessary.
• Incorrect dosage or medication being prescribed.
• Failure to assess any pre-existant medical conditions.
• Allergic reaction caused by wrongly prescribed medication.
• Prescription of drugs known to react/ cause side effects with other medications.
• Incorrect prescription/ dispensation of medication due to misdiagnosis.
• Administrative errors leading to wrongful dispensation of a drug.
• Wrongful dispensation of the correct prescription.
• Prescription of two or more incompatible medications.

Our prescription error claims experts handle thousands of enquiries relating to prescription errors annually, and bear a strong track record of success for their efforts in recovering maximum compensation on behalf of clients. We’re also acutely aware of the complex nature of these types of claims, which is why we strongly recommend seeking guidance from a solicitor with significant experience of similar cases.

Have you been affected by errors during the prescription or dispensation of your medication? If you believe your doctor or pharmacist to be at fault, consult with our medical negligence solicitors today regarding your entitlement to compensation. Provide us with a few basic details regarding your case using the secure online form provided, and we’ll arrange a convenient time to call you back.

Prescription Errors

Nearly all of us will suffer from a virus, infection or illness at some point in life that will necessitate a prescription for recovery. In the majority of cases, these prescriptions are accurate and correctly dispensed, however, there are occasions where by omission or error, a doctor or pharmacist prescribes the wrong dosage or medication, causing serious injury or suffering to the person being treated. The resultant conditions can range from an upset stomach and diarrhoea, to organs shutting down, overdose, and occasionally death. It is therefore vital that a patient is fully assessed prior to any prescription being provided, and care is taken during the dispensation of these medications.

Primary Causes of Prescription Error And Wrong Medication

Prescription errors might occur for many reasons; a breakdown in communication between a doctor and a specialist, administration errors, illegible writing, misinterpretation of the correct dosage by a pharmacist. In nearly all cases, it boils down to some form of human error, but the resultant outcome for patients can have devastating and lifelong complications. Prescription error claims often arise due to a breakdown in communication between GP’s and hospitals, or hospital specialists. Something as simple as a hospital physician failing to update a patients records with a known allergy could result in the wrong prescription being given at a later date, causing anything from mild sickness, to major health complications.

No Win No Fee Prescription Error Claims

No win no fee agreements were incepted as a means by which personal injury companies could seek their own costs from the liable party in the event of a case being won. Amendments to the no win no fee scheme structure now also make it possible for such costs to be covered by a personal injury firm’s own insurer, in the event that a case is not successful. This means that in either scenario, clients will not be liable for any costs arising from legal action or representation. Our own prescription error claims solicitors have an ethical approach to claims brought for medical negligence and incompetence, and as such, never deduct any commissions from any compensation recovered.

Are You Entitled to Compensation For a Prescription Error?

Wrong MedicineTo be eligible for no win no fee assistance, you need to be able to prove that you have suffered ill-health or injury due to a prescription error, and that this error was a direct result of the negligence/ incompetence of your GP or pharmacist. There are stringent laws in place governing the legal duty of responsibility of doctors to their patients, and the responsibilities of pharmacists to consumers. If it can be found that either have failed in this legal duty of responsibility, they may be liable for any injury compensation payable to the person affected.

Prescription errors are commonly identified within a matter of weeks, however, not before the patient has suffered some form of ill-health or reaction to the medication. While most reactions tend to be minor, it has been known for prescription errors to remain undetected for several months, causing irreversible damage to a patient’s internal organs. I

If you have suffered from sickness, injury or other side effects caused by the wrong medication being prescribed, contact us via the free-phone helpline to find out whether you have a claim. If your claim is successful or not, we guarantee a no win no fee service.