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Providing Better Future for Kids with Cerebral Palsy due to Clinical Negligence

"medical negligence solicitors"What is Cerebral Palsy?

The condition cerebral palsy combines a group of disorders that affects normal functioning of brain and nervous system of an individual, affecting his/her physical movements, learning, thinking, hearing and seeing capacities. This problem has different types of manifestations, which include spastic, ataxic, hypnotic, dyskinetic and combination of all these types. The most cases of palsy occur in babies in womb.  In many cases these problems can be witnessed among children within the first 2 years of their life span. An act of clinical negligence in such cases occurs if it is proven that the responsible person was negligent is performing his/her properly i.e. administering the right amount of oxygen to an infant. Inadequate oxygen supply to the brain damages certain parts of the organ, inflicting certain degrees of handicap to the child. Cerebral palsy may also occur due to following reasons and they can be termed as clinical negligence the occurrence of the reasons is instigated by irresponsible action of another individual:

  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Infections in the brain
  • Internal head injuries
  • Infection of the mother while she is pregnant
  • Serious jaundice of the kid after birth

If the irresponsible or negligent actions of a healthcare professional are proven behind plight of the child, he can be prosecuted under personal injury law and compensation can be claimed from him or his insurance company or the organization he is employed with. However, the first thing that should be done in this context is to lodge a complaint under the legal provision of birth injury claims.

The Chances of Compensation:

Cerebral palsy caused due to clinical injury is often critical, catastrophic and life changing. Every child is precious not only to the parents but also is an asset for a country. Due to this reason healthcare laws of the UK provide extreme importance on the health conditions of an infant. However, the consequences of such a clinical injury leave not only a permanent scar on the victim but also force the family to go through a traumatic phase. Seriousness of the condition may not be compensated in terms of money but clearly the monetary reward can contribute in ensuring that a secure future awaits the person who is suffering from the problems simply because of another person’s mistake. Moreover, such forms of medical negligence are extremely serious in nature and shouldn’t go unpunished. Thus, the court of law deals within the situation with extremely sensitivity and providing liability of the alleged party may help the child win 100% of the compensation claimed. For free advice on the potential of your claim and chances of winning, contact a qualified personal injury solicitor at the earliest.

No Win No Fee in a Case of Clinical Negligence that is Responsible for Cerebral Palsy:

The beauty of the no win no fee scheme is that the plaintiff doesn’t have to pay anything to the lawyer or the soliciting firm till the case is won. If the lawyer fails to win it, you cannot be forced to pay the solicitor. However, it is entirely up to the discretion of a lawyer or the soliciting firm whether they should allow you to enjoy facilities of the scheme under provision of the brain injury claims or not. So, let your solicitors know of all the details you have regarding causation of the condition and follow their guidance accordingly when it comes to present the compliant before a court of law.

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