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Reasons for Dental Negligence Claims

We all know that nobody really ever wants to visit the doctor unless they are of course ill, and even at that time it isn’t a pleasant time but we have to do it to be healthy. Well this applies to dentists too and unfortunately there have been many dental negligence claims all over the UK. “Doctors are great–as long as you don’t need them.” is a quote by Edward E. Rosenbaum which we can all attest to. Well when it comes to dentists we entrust all our teeth issues to them and when they fall short it is extremely devastating. Accidents are very much prone to happen but if these accidents are caused as a result of someone else’s negligence then it seizes to be an accident. It is therefore categorized as carelessness.

What is dental negligence?

This is a collective term that is used to define any medical malpractice that contributes to the compromised safety, illness or injury of a patient. This means that the dentists fall short of the expectations which are obviously very high as we trust that they are the experts in these fields. However this isn’t the case as many have really had to suffer as a result of the dentist’s negligence.

Why claim?

There are many reasons as to why victims should file for dental negligence claims. This is chiefly due to the ways that dental negligence occurs.

  • Administrative errors: We all know that administrative errors happen in so many ways but in this respect, it can happen when the dentists administer the wrong treatment or overdose. This has happened to many when visiting the dentist with a terrible tooth ache and all that you desire at that time is relief only to be given medicine that you are reacting to or the wrong medicine all together. This is one important reason that victims should not hesitate to file for dental negligence claims. Dentists should be on their toes when undertaking their profession and should never let embarrassing mistakes be heard of.
  • Medical Liability: This is another reason you should file for a claim as this is when a dentist makes an error where he or she exposes you to further infections. This happens during/after a surgery; the dentist leaves iron filings in the gum or injects you with unsterilized needles. This is certainly jaw dropping but true.
  • Unnecessary removal of teeth: Dentists can have the strangest of mishaps but this beats them all. This is when they remove the wrong teeth or insist on removing teeth that you do not even have to get removed. According to a news article, parents are being compensated after their babies teeth were all removed by a dentist. How sad that even children are not spared the agony.

With the above you certainly see how significant it is to file for dental negligence claims. You will certainly be compensated, giving dentists a taste of their own medicine.

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