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Seeking To Heal Broken Hearts While Birth Negligence Claims Soar

birth injury claimsHolding a newborn baby in your hands is just like holding a piece of heaven. This is because children are the most precious and bring so much joy. It is unfortunate though that many parents in the UK have been robbed of this joy and birth injury claims are just a testimony to all the pain and suffering that they have to go through in the hands of medical experts. When dealing with an pregnant mother, there is nothing else that is expected from the medical personnel other than pure commitment to bringing a new life forth.  It is beyond many to think that nurses and doctors can take such a privileged job for granted.

Birth injuries

These are great traumas that many unfortunate parents have to go through. Birth injury is classified under medical negligence which is what happens when medical experts do not reach their mark when it comes to their profession. This eventually leads to a load of pain and suffering for the victims who are involved. Many may think that only the baby can be the victim in such cases, but the mother is usually in just as much risk. Even though the mother isn’t injured in the process, there is a lot of trauma that she experiences.

Facets of birth injury

Birth injuries also have ways in which they manifest and they are all in very tremendously horrifying forms. It is absolutely shattering for parents with children who have unfortunately been victims in this form of medical negligence. Here are some of the conditions that birth injury cause.

  • Cerebral palsy: This is one of the reasons that birth injury claims should be filed against all odds. Cerebral palsy is a group of non progressive motor conditions where a person becomes physically disabled. When a doctor misses some symptoms of this disease, they put the children right at the risk of getting it. This is negligence and it is surly unacceptable. Here is a news story of a boy who got compensated for the same.
  • Brachial Plexus injury: This one of the problems that happens to children during child birth. This is when the network of nerves that conduct signals from the spinal cord at the spinal canal of the vertebral column to the shoulder arm and hand are damaged. This injury can be quite painful for the children and takes very long before it actually heals.
  • Congenital Hip Dysplasia: This is one of the other problems that occur during childbirth all from negligence. With this condition, the child ends up having a problem walking normally as one leg becomes shorter than the other. This is a life changing situation because it can become very uncomfortable for them though. This is why filing birth injury claims is very important.

When your child has been a victim of any of the above, make certain that you do something about it by a claim today.

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