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The Care Quality Commission Calls For Health Care Improvement to Curb Medical Negligence Instances

In spite of its great reputation for providing best medical and health care services, the UK records a number of medical negligence cases every year. In most instances, the consequences are severe and lifelong. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently published a report stating that more than one in four health service providers are not being able to meet the health and safety standards set by the government, and hence the instances of medical medical negligence solicitorsnegligence are rising at a rapid pace. The health watchdog insisted that policies need to be implemented to improve the health and safety standards of 27% of 14,000 health care centers that it has visited. CQC accused the staff members of these hospitals, mismanagement of drugs and medicines and improper medical record management for the rise in clinical negligence cases.

Medical cases are not easy to win. They take years to be presented in court and a long time to get settled. In these cases, the medical negligence solicitors not only have to prove that the accused physician was careless enough to treat the victim, but have to prove that harm was done as a result of the negligence. It is not so easy to convince the court about the medical negligence since the courts always try to safeguard the integrity of the health service. In order to prove the negligence of the doctors, it is important to preserve the medical prescriptions and diagnosis reports to substantiate the severity of a case. Moreover, suggestions and legal assistance of the medical negligence solicitors can be availed to improve the chances of winning compensation.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is worried about the deterioration in the conditions of the health care centers. Amanda Sherlock, the CQC director, stated that the doctors and the health care institutions are finding it difficult to address the medical negligence issues which are the results of rising economic pressure within the health care system. Maternity services are an area that face the medical negligence strains the most. This could be because of the increasing birth rates and insufficient midwife staffing. Louise Silverton, the general secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, stated that the government needs to be prompt enough to ensure that maternity services acquire the resources to cope up with the health care demands. He asserted that special training programs should be introduced for the midwives to reduce the medical malpractice at birth.

The UK Government had declared that that it would introduce plans to improve the National Health Service, but has failed to implement plans and improve the medical system. The 2006 NHS Redress Act was introduced to provide the patients with a faster and better alternative to long-lasting legal processes for medical negligence claims under £20,000. However, the health department of the UK government has failed to introduce laws to make the said 2006 act operational.  Solicitors, physicians and patient safety campaigners have castigated the government’s failure to improve the health schemes. The Parliamentary Health Select Committee referred to the government’s failure to improve the health care system as “appalling”.

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