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The Possibilities of Being Compensated for Brain Injury

"medical injury"Any type of brain injury can be life changing as it curbs not only a victim’s physical potential but also his intellectual capacity. In the UK, every year several people suffer from brain injuries of different magnitude, mainly due to vehicle accidents and clinical neglect. Suffering from the consequences of an injury due to negligent act of a medical professional is the most unfortunate as it is least expected that a person with expertise to deal with such conditions would cause such impairment that the victim has to bear for the rest of his life. The legal discourse of UK empowers a person to file a complaint for brain injury claim and provides him with monetary compensation; provided the victim is capable of proving that an act of clinical inattention has occurred.

What are the Conditions that Cause Brain Injury due to Clinical Negligence?

People with brain injury, caused due to clinical casualness, may suffer from different degrees of complications. In case of minor injuries, the most common problems the patients reported to have experienced are cognitive difficulties, lack of concentration and memory loss. However, if the damage is serious, then it is quite possible that the victim will experience complete brain impairment or will remain physically disabled for the rest of his life. In an act of physical negligence several types of health conditions may occur that finally causes the brain injury:

  • Birth Asphyxiation or Lack of Oxygen supply to the brain. This condition is quite common among newborns and ultimately causes cerebral palsy. A person suffering from this condition experiences brain dysfunction and disorder of physical movement.
  • Brain injury during an operation may occur due to lack of oxygen supply or improper administration of anesthesia. While partial physical disability is quite common in such cases, sometimes the patients experience life threatening dangers like cardiac arrest.
  • Medicinal Overdose may cause swelling of some brain parts and cause permanent brain damage.
  • Sometimes misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of brain conditions such as stroke, hemorrhage, brain tumor, and epilepsy is charged under the purview of medical negligence. Delay in diagnosis and prescribing the correct treatment method may trigger these conditions and cause permanent brain injury.

How will You be Compensated?

A brain injury claim presents before a court of law several aspects, including the nature of injury, the type of negligence occurred and the compensation, you think you are entitled to for the damage caused. However, each of these arguments requires to be supported with evidence. The court takes into consideration the claims you have as well as hears defense of the alleged party. If the learned juries are convinced that your arguments are relevant and an act of clinical negligence has occurred, breaching the scope of professional code of conduct, then they will instruct the defending party to compensate you accordingly. Depending on the potential of your claim you may also enjoy the benefit of ‘no win no fee’ scheme from the medical negligence solicitors. So, find out whether any of the aforesaid conditions, occurred due to clinical negligence is responsible for brain injury or not and determine your next course of actions accordingly.

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