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UK Woman Wins Six Figure Medical Negligence Compensation from Belgium Based Clinic

A British woman recently won a six figure compensation payout from a Belgium based cosmetic surgery private clinic. She has recently been awarded with a whopping amount in compensation. Reputed medical negligence solicitors of the country are taking lessons from the case. The woman got in touch with one of the two consultation offices of the Belgian company which is stationed in the UK. She was looking for a facelift surgery and the clinic advised her to fly to Belgium for a complete check-up and surgery. She did so and returned home after an incomplete facelift operation. The surgeon who performed the surgery the first time was again called for to patch up the scars and bruises and performed a second operation. The woman was finally left with medical negligence solicitorsdeformed and injured lip, facial nerves and skin. She filed a lawsuit against the clinic and scrutinizing the version of both the .plaintiff and the defendant and checking all the evidences, the court ruled in favor of the woman, ordering the clinic to pay her £100,000 compensation.

This particular case is a great example of clinical negligence and breach of duty, both. Firstly, the sawbones who performed the surgery was evidently not proficient enough to handle these caaes. Secondly, he was quite negligent in his job which caused the claimant a lifetime of embarrassment and frustration, if not isolation.  The clinic also signed a contract with the victim at their London office only and advised a surgery which their doctors were not capable to perform. This is a sheer case of negligence. The claiming procedure for compensation essentially varies from the accident at work claim procedure. But the prime causal factor is the same, negligence.

If you have been injured by negligent surgeons or have been misdiagnosed in the past, you can file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. Clinical negligence cases are given grave importance by the UK personal injury solicitors and they always try to get 100% compensation to their clients. There are claims management agencies that appoint the best hospital negligence solicitors to represent their clients in the courts. What you can do after being injured is to gather all the pertinent documents first. Diagnosis reports, medicines prescribed, advised course of action by the physicians play pivotal roles in this sort of compensation claim cases. If you are incapacitated, ask your friend or relative to arrange these things for you. Half your work is done.

The next step is to look for trustworthy medical negligence solicitors. There are plenty of them but most are self-proclaimed medical negligence compensation claim specialists. In order to find the solicitors who have dealt with similar cases, you need to consult your case with a claims management agency. After overseeing all the available documents and evident, the claims management agency can recommend some solicitor for you. You need to act as per the instructions of this medical negligence expert afterwards. All the paperwork can be taken care of by the claims management company itself. All you have to do is to track whether the solicitor is actively working for you or slowing down the process.