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Useful Clinical Negligence Information you should obtain, and How to File For a Clinical Negligence Claim

Whenever we are ailing, the only thing that we can do to assure ourselves of our health restoration is going to visit a doctor. Doctors are the most trusted when it comes to this. However in the UK there has been a number of medical negligence claims going around as a result of the medical practitioners falling short of their requirements. This is very disappointing as there are so many disadvantages that result from this kind of negligence, and can be very hard to deal with.

Well a long time ago; way before there were hospitals, many lost their lives as a result of sicknesses. Some were segregated and shunned so that they couldn’t infect the healthy and were very much looked down upon. It is even true that in those days all sick people were even considered a curse. During the time when plagues had dominated, the doctors of the day dressed in a different way. They had a bird’s beak on their noses containing perfume since they thought that smells form the infected people were the cause of disease. Well that was a very wrong theory, but this showed how it was then. Well this is the 21st century where there has been a great evolution in medicine and this means that those that are practicing medicine should have any excuse to make mistakes, or at least they have gone to school long enough to make sure that there is no loophole for mistakes. This is why it is even more reason to file for clinical negligence claims.

You may be wondering what clinical negligence is exactly. According to Wikipedia which describes negligence, this term otherwise known as medical or hospital negligence is one used when medical experts fail to exercise the care that a reliable sensible person would in any circumstance. In this case the medical field. In law in the area of tort law known as negligence involves harm caused due to carelessness and not intentional harm.

It is very sad when one has to go through this medical malpractice as there are so many problems that come with it. “The error of one moment becomes the sorrow of whole life” is a Chinese proverb fit for all medical practitioners to know. When one files for a clinical negligence claim, they are assured of addressing these issues. Health centre experts have to be very careful with those that are involved. When they give treatment that falls below the accepted standard of practice they should surely be fined. These medical personnel involved in this malpractice and usually thought to be doctors only. Well this isn’t the case as everyone involved in handling a patient’ needs, varying from the nurse, lab technician, chemist, ambulance personnel, dentist, and surgeons is responsible for being negligent and can be seriously punished. The medical practice is usually studied for very long in universities so as to have the experts well versed to handle human beings. In developed countries only qualified people with a licence or certificate or registration with a credible body like the government can practice. This is why when they fall short and they are supposedly reliable, it poses a load of questions. Filing for a clinical negligence claim will surely answer some of the questions if not all.

Having covered what medical negligence is, and then we can see how it is caused and its implications. Besides the fact that the medical practitioners make mistakes how, they make them is what matters. Medical or  hospital negligence happens when doctors are in the process of administering treatment to patients. They happen through surgical errors, where the surgeons are not careful, causing various complications. When one goes to the hospital expecting to have the doctors solve their problem then get more complications, this can be very devastating. With surgery it involves different surgeries as surgery has a wide variety. With the types it can depend on the part of the body, the timing of the operation, the purpose, the type of procedure, or the equipment used. Depending on the surgery the surgeons are very much trusted to know what they are doing and when people suffer from this, patients have the right to file for a clinical negligence claim.

Another way that this negligence occurs is when there is failure to diagnose. According to a story in the UK, it shows that women are prone to breast cancer because the doctors are failing to take tests for the disease causing the women to end up having the cancer. This is very wrong and should be taken very seriously. Failing to diagnose patients means that there is major incompetence with the doctors. They either do not want to work harder and look at exactly what the problem is or are just plain lazy. These medical practitioners should dedicate their all to the patients.

Another problem is delayed diagnosis and treatment. This has happened a whole lot in the UK hospitals where the doctors just keep the patients waiting. Imagine being so unwell and instead of getting emergency help, the doctors keep you seated in the waiting room getting worse. According to a health article, between April and June this year, over 150,000 patients were not even dealt with within the recommended four hour time limit. This is so pitiless towards vulnerable patients. With this evidence, it should make you want to file for a clinical negligence claim to make sure that you get justice.

Nursing mistakes are also very common. When these medical experts are supposed to take care of you and keep watch of your health, they do neither. Since the work of the nurse is to help the doctors by either administering medicine, some usually give overdoses causing patients deaths or more sicknesses. According to BBC News, a nurse was suspended after a fatal insulin overdose incident. This she did by placing a decimal point in the wrong place. This caused death to the patient. With this regard medication errors are also a way clinical negligence happens. When a patient is administered to the wrong medicine, it can cause more problems or even death. In that sad story it shows also that administering more medication than required can prove fatal.

Another way that medical negligence can occur is from anaesthesia administration. It can cause great problems for the patients that have to have this given to them. This includes those that are having surgeries or those that are at the dentist. These errors can be so devastating and can cause so much damage. Anaesthesia is used to put one to sleep and there have been very sad stories of people who have been given more of this treatment than required causing the brain to lack oxygen. When the brain doesn’t have oxygen just for an even a minute, there can be tremendous life changing issues. This can result in brain damage. When this has happened to you or anyone that you know it causes you to even lose faith in the medical field. You should file for a clinical negligence claim as soon as you can.

The other way that medical negligence can happen is when there are infections or retained sponges or surgical objects. Imagine going to the dentist for a root canal then developing major complications only to find out that there were metal filings that were left in there after the surgery. How horrifying does that sound? As much as unbelievable it sounds, it cannot be more true.

When this has happened to you, please do not hesitate to file for a clinical negligence claim. There are many advantages that come with filing for these claims. Since patients have no idea what to do when they are unwell, when they go through medical negligence, they sometimes don’t know how to go about the legal issues. This is why you require a medical negligence solicitor.

A medical negligence solicitor is a lawyer who advices claimants on matters of medical negligence law and draws up legal document and prepares cases. This shows that these medical negligence attorneys are very well versed on these claims and have handled quite a number of them. When you have been through so much pain and agony, the least you can do is file for a clinical negligence claim.

Medical personnel are required by the law to answer to any of their negligence and should be made to answer as they are responsible for the patients to whom they attend. There is surely no excuse for them to make mistakes. With these solicitors you are guaranteed full compensation and even though you will not have immediate healing, you will be guaranteed peace of mind. You will also be a voice for those other patients who have gone through the same pain as you. You will also bring careless medical experts to book. Do not suffer in silence. File now.

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