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What are the Different Types of Claims Filed with the Help of the Medical Negligence Solicitors?

medical negligence solicitorsCases of medical negligence are located today in increasing numbers, necessitating the victims to file compensation claims. However, matters are not as easy for a person who has been compelled to confront a dire situation at the time when he was being optimistic with the hope of being cured of some disease. The medical negligence solicitors help the victims sufficiently in not just allowing them file the claims in the desired manner but also instilling in them, the necessary confidence to seek justice. Considering the present scenario where the most trusted professionals, the doctors, can turn out being as negligent as to bring death to a person, it is essential that you stay aware of the instances of clinical negligence. Following is a list of the different categories of medical negligence claims and the reasons for which they should be filed.

Brain injury claims, as the name itself suggests, are filed for brain injuries that transpire as a consequence of negligence in brain operations or a delay in the diagnosis of the brain disease. If the report of a ct scan fails to detect the early stage of brain tumour and this leads to a complication in the conditions of the individual, claiming compensation becomes immensely necessary. Mishandled surgical operation can actually lead to loss of life, in which case, the family of the deceased should claim compensation.

Birth injury claims are filed for the children who had been detected with cerebral palsy, a kind of nervous disorder that occurs right at the time of the delivery of the baby. Such is the severity of the consequence of the negligence that the child stays abnormal for the rest of his life. While the time limit for the other types of medical negligence claim is three years from the date of the realization of the disorder or the act of negligence, the birth injury claims can be filed by the parents of the child till he attains 18 years of age.

Misdiagnosis or incorrect prescription of medicine, irrespective of the disease of the patient or anything else, has the potential to lead to terrible predicaments. Imagine the effect of a medicine, meant for the adults being applied to a child. The intensity of the negligence makes the act of carelessness not just a breach of the duty of care but also no less than a crime. It is not always a fault on part of the doctors and nurses but also the hospital authorities that lead to instances of clinical negligence. Lack of hygiene in the hospital environment can bring about postoperative syndromes and infections. The list of such circumstances will end up being a never-ending one, however, legal steps needs to be taken and for this, legal services of the solicitors become indispensible.

The medical negligence solicitors guide the victims throughout the process of claiming compensation. They offer valuable advice, based on which, the victims continue with their process of seeking compensation and of course, justice, which has been denied to them.

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