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What Clinical Negligence Is About; the Reason behind Rising Clinical Negligence Claims In the UK

Hospitals have been for the longest time a safe refuge for the ailing. Whenever you have been met with an unfortunate illness, when all efforts to cure yourself prove futile, all that you are left with is the option of going to see the doctor. This is why clinical negligence claims come as a great pain for many. Clinical negligence sends chills down many spines especially since many find doctors as their last form of hope.

clinical negligenceAccording to Wikipedia the human society has its own medical beliefs that try to explain the reason for birth or death. Many have the belief that illness is caused by witchcraft, demons or something unexplainable out there. Thus ancient Egyptians had a system of medicine that was very highly developed for the time and this is how the medical tradition sprang. From then on, communities began to warm up to medical treatment and has been the way ever since. Seeing that medicine is one of the most highly regarded professions, medical experts should never be caught in a situation of incompetence. This is mainly because they are working on human life which is very sacred.

What is clinical negligence?

 You may have heard of this term being used on maybe news articles or items but are not so sure what it is really. Well medical negligence also known as medical negligence is professional negligence by an act of omission by a heath care provider where treatment falls short of the anticipated standard. It is very unfortunate to hear that there could be any mistakes happening in the medical field. Well accidents happen all the time and they are never anticipated, however in the medical field they should be a no-no. It is even worse for an accident to happen out of someone’s incompetence. The word ‘accident’ should never be in a medical practitioner’s vocabulary.

How clinical negligence manifests itself

There are many facets of clinical negligence and this all depends on what one is being treated from. Here is how clinical negligence occurs.

Birth injury: It is very horrifying to hear that a friend of yours who was so excited to have a child has experienced complications during child birth, or the child itself has been affected in a tremendous way. There is nothing more heartbreaking. It is very sad but this is the depressing reality in the medical fraternity. Even new born children are not spared from this carelessness. Medical practitioners are supposed to be responsible for their patients. It is their job and they should take it seriously. Due to the pain and agony that parents have to go through for negligence of their children, nobody would blame them for filing for clinical negligence claims. There are many stories published in the UK regarding birth injuries and reading them is very heartbreaking.

Misdiagnosis: Whenever you think of a doctor, the first word that comes to mind is ‘perfect’ at their work. However this is because they have given us reason to think this of them in the past. Clinical negligence also comes as misdiagnosis. Many have been to hospital with a certain illness only to be told that they do not have the illness or they have another illness all together. This is the worst thing that could happen to someone because they could get worse to the point of death. There is a news story where a mother actually saved her ill sons life by looking up his symptoms on the internet after doctors had misdiagnosed his critical condition. You can see exactly how this is an immense actuality.

Wrong prescription: Many have been accused of giving or administering the wrong medication to patients. This stems from misdiagnosis as well. If you think about it, when one is diagnosed wrongly, it is only natural for the doctors to give the wrong medicine all together. This proves fatal on a patient’s life. This is a mistake that a medical practitioner should never carry out. If you have been a victim of negligence do not hesitate to file for a claim.

Filing a claim

Filing for a clinical negligence claim will clearly help a great deal. You may be the one who has been affected by clinical negligence and are just devastated. You need to make sure that you seek help from a professional so that you can get legal advice on the way forward regarding the claim. It is sad to know that many out there haven’t known that filing for claims will be a great way to attain justice.

Why you should file for a claimclinical negligence

The main reason that you should file for a claim is so that you are covered. When you file for a claim it means that you are going to also make a statement and also make sure that you expose doctors who are involved in incompetence. There is nothing worse than having to sit home in pain and anger when you can do something about it. In the UK it seems that clinical negligence is still a big issue that the NHS is still dealing with. This is why it is very important that you bring this to the light by filing a claim.

How to file a claim:

First and foremost you have to seek help from a solicitor; a medical negligence solicitor to be precise. This is generally an expert who knows a whole lot in this field. They will make sure that all your legal issues are sorted out. The reason why they are the best in the field is because they have studied medical negligence law and all that it is about and also handled many similar cases. They may not take away the physical ailments caused by incompetence, but will ensure peace of mind for you, which is essential for recuperation. Don’t suffer anymore. File for a claim today! Your case will be a success.

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