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What should be Your Legal Actions against a Ruptured Bowel during an Operation?

"clinical negligence"Ruptured bowel during a surgery mostly happens due to the negligence of the doctor in charge of the surgical procedure. In this instance, the patient who suffered from a ruptured bowel can take legal actions against the doctor. As a part of the legal actions, the victim can seek a lawyer’s assistance and file medical negligence claim in the court.

A ruptured bowel is caused by the perforation into the large or small intestine. This mostly occurs due to the surgeon’s mistake during an operation. The problem takes place if the doctor in charge of the operation fails to notice that a perforation has been made and completes the surgical procedure without repairing the hole. Usually a rupture is detected by a CT scan or X-ray which captures the air that has moved out into the peritoneal cavity.

Some of the common symptoms of a perforated bowel include:

  • Sickness
  • Excruciating pain in the abdomen and
  • High temperature

These symptoms occur because the ruptured bowel lets the food particles and faeces to outflow from the bowel and mix with the abdominal cavity. This causes inflammation and serious infection in the abdomen. A bowel rupture should be diagnosed and treated on time because a delay in diagnosis and treatment can turn out to be fatal for the patient. A ruptured bowel should be diagnosed as quickly as possible to make sure that the repair can be made fast. An operation might be necessary to remove the leaked food and faeces from the abdomen and repair the perforation.

However, all cases of bowel rupture will not entitle you to file medical negligence claims. There are certain instances which will allow you to file claims for compensation. When a bowel rupture is wrongly diagnosed, you can file a claim. A surgery causing bowel perforation will also provide you with the right to sue the surgeon and claim compensation. Again, if you are admitted in the hospital after an accident and undergoing extreme abdominal pain, feeling feverish and showing other signs of bowel perforation, your doctor need to do an x-ray or CT scan to find out the reason behind the symptoms. If your doctor does not care to do all these tests on time and you are found to be affected by bowel rupture, you can take legal actions against your doctor.

However, being a layman, it is not possible for you to know all the laws associated with these cases. Thus, you should avail the help of the no win no fee solicitor who have good knowledge about the laws concerning these cases and improve your chances of winning the legal battle against the doctor. It is important to choose a lawyer on the basis of his expertise in handling clinical negligence cases. But, the question is, how to assess if a solicitor is expert in clinical negligence cases? The success rates of your chosen medical negligence lawyer will tell you if he is able to handle a medical negligence claim successfully.

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