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When can you claim birth injury Settlements

clinical negligenceWelcoming a little one in the family is always a special time for the parents. However, when negligence of the doctors, nurses and the medical fraternity injures the baby, the consequences are terrible then. Birth injuries can be categorized in to two types, one being injury endured by the mother and the other being injury suffered by the baby. In a few complicated cases, where the baby has to be taken out with forceps, injuries might not be avoided. However, if the injury has occurred due to the ignorance of the medical professionals, then the sufferer is very eligible to file birth injury claims.

As discussed earlier, with induced deliveries birth injuries are quite common. Oxygen deprivation and mechanical trauma is something that occurs mostly in this type of cases. Well, there are many other reasons of birth injuries that can be added to the list. Scroll down to know the claimable type of cases,

At the time of pregnancy

Whether it is the first time or the second, being pregnant, the would-be mothers depend a lot on the mid wives and the doctors. The failure of these professionals can arise innumerable complications. Misdiagnosis and wrong medication are a few negligence that can lead to terrible consequences and the worst could be either the death of the mother or the baby. Pre Eclampsia, Uterine Rupture, wrongful birth cases and maternal diabetes are the common types of complications that can occur during pregnancy.

During Delivery:

When the medical experts make mistakes during the time of labor, it leads to the following types of injuries, which can have life long effect on the baby and at same time can make them disabled to work.

  • Episiotomy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Injuries caused by ventouse delivery
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries

After the birth

Negligence such as, keeping the baby in an unhealthy atmosphere or not giving her standard care can immediately cause health issues to her. Especially, the newborn babies are always prone to the diseases and infections and they take a whole lot of time to adjust in the normal atmosphere. At this time, a small negligence can also lead to severe outcome.

Hence, if your baby has suffered from any of the above-mentioned outcomes, you can simply contact the clinical negligence solicitors and file case against the litigant. Even though, for normal medical mishap cases the tenure is of three years, in case of birth injury settlements the deadline can be extended until the baby becomes 18. Hence, you will have enough time to work on the case and at the same concentrate on the treatment of your newborn baby.

Well, if you searching for an expert who can guide you with their professional experience, it is suggested to appoint the ones who provide no win no pay services to the clients. In order to avail their services, all you need to do is fill the claim online form and wait until they reply.

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