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Woman aged 37 sues as she has her leg amputated by mistake

A woman aged 37 called Alison Breary has suffered after having her leg amputated in a operation gone wrong. Mrs Breary had been suffering with her knee so was going into hospital to have a knee replacement when the surgeons accidentally amputated her leg. Alison and her family are devastated and can not believe how the system have let her down and what has happened.

This has now changed her life and she is trying to come to terms with what’s happened to her. She has now decided to put a medical negligence claim in so that the compensation can help her and her family with the care that she will now need.

The hospital in Surrey have deeply apologised to the 37 year old and have said this is the first time this has ever happened in their hospital and that the head staff will be investigating into this as to what went wrong and why her leg was amputated by mistake. They can not even begin to explain how sorry they are for what has happened. If anyone is ever unsure if they can claim or not contact a no win no fee medical negligence solicitor and get some free advice.

Mr Breary her husband is furious that his wife went in to have a knee replacement so she would be out of pain and be able to walk properly again, and now this has happened. She will never be able to walk properly again said her husband. Something should be done about this so that they take more care in the future he explained. This is a very sad and devastating time for Alison and her family and now alls she can do is learn to live with her amputated leg and carry on with her medical negligence claim and get some kind of payment to help her live her life as normal as possibly can.

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