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Women Awarded £50,000 as Compensation for Medical Negligence

People undergo medical treatment as a way of curing themselves from certain illness and ailments. They have high hopes of receiving proper treatment and restoring back to normal life. When this hope gets shattered as a result of a negligence on part of the medical medical negligenceprofessionals, the victim is made to encounter a sea of troubles. However, the right of claiming the medical negligence claims allows a person to overcome the impending crisis. A considerable amount of compensation is awarded to the victim of clinical negligence depending upon the seriousness of the injury along with the intensity of the crisis faced by the victim. Following is an instance of a case, which sufficiently indicates to the active help and guidance of the medical negligence solicitors along with a justification of the existence of the right to claim for compensation.

The 37 years old, Claire Millward from Northampton was awarded £50,000 as medical negligence compensation after she had been made to undergo a wrong operation, one that she did not need. The problem occurred from a misdiagnosis, which reported that the woman was suffering from cervical cancer. Accordingly, a hysterectomy was conducted as it was considered that her problem could be cured only by means of the surgery. Later on, it was found that the test results had been read incorrectly, and her condition could have been well treated by means of oral medicine and without any kind of surgery.

The worst consequence of this tremendous clinical negligence was that Mrs. Millward had been planning to give birth to another child as; she had always hoped to be a mother to two. For any women, irrespective of their desire to become a mother, going through the process of hysterectomy is a challenge in itself. The operation entails removing the uterus of the patient, which meant that the woman could not be a mother again. Undergoing the operation and then realizing the fact that it was absolutely unnecessary turns out to be a real shock to anyone.

Northampton General Hospital took complete liability for the wrong operation and the hospital authorities promised to take further steps to prevent such medical negligence cases from taking place in the future. However, Mrs. Millward consulted with the medical negligence solicitors, who helped her file the claim that already had a strong base to it by means of the witness and evidence.

The claim was processed thoroughly on a no win no fee basis leading to a remarkable culmination of the claimant being awarded £50,000 as compensation. The medical negligence solicitors, by virtue of this case, have been successful in setting an example where the common people could go against established professionals. The solicitors have specialized in knowledge in dealing with this specific type of claim, as they are conversant with the terms related to medical negligence. Medical negligence is equivalent to any crime with its potential to ruin the entire life of an individual. Claiming compensation is the only way of seeking justice and punishing those who have been responsible for the situation.

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