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Wrongful Death By Medical Negligence

“Wrongful death” is an oft used legal term to define any fatality caused by the negligence, incompetence or error of an individual that could have been reasonably prevented – if alternative action had been taken. When used in relation to the medical profession, “wrongful death” generally refers to accidental death, caused by the failings of a doctor, surgeon, nurse, carer or hospital. Wrongful death medical negligence claims can be brought for varying examples of clinical error and negligence, including:

  • Errors during surgery leading to brain injury or organ failure.
  • Anaesthetic errors and wrongful administration of pain medication.
  • Delays in diagnosing potentially fatal infections and illnesses.
  • Failure to react to a mother/ child in distress during labour.
  • Poor standards of hospital safety or hygiene.
  • Surgical error leading to haemorrhaging or internal bleeding.
  • Wrongful prescription of medication to a patient.
  • Misdiagnosis of a condition causing delays in treatment.

Wrongful DeathA wrongful death claim may be filed by a partner, parent or named next of kin within three years of a family member’s passing, or three years from the date it was reasonably suspected medical negligence was a possible cause. You should seek legal advice from an accredited solicitor with intimate experience of similar cases, as this can have significant bearing on the success of your claim. For family members who want to claim for wrongful death by medical negligence contact us today for free advice.

Losing someone close to you under any circumstances is devastating, but to learn that a loved one’s passing could have been prevented were it not for the negligence of a medical professional is something few will ever come to terms with. If you have recently lost someone close to you, and believe this was caused by the negligence or failings of a medical professional, our medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you file a no win no fee claim against the person responsible. Contact our wrongful death medical negligence claims experts using the online form to arrange your fee consultation.

To speak to someone in confidence about pursuing a wrongful death medical negligence claim, contact us by calling the free-phone helpline number above. We offer impartial advice completely free of charge, and peace of mind with our no win no fee guarantee should you decide to proceed with a claim.

Wrongful Death Due To Medical Negligence

While cases of wrongful death in the UK are still comparatively lower than in other parts of Europe, an increase in the number of reported cases over the past five years suggests a very real problem. Experts suggest there are numerous reasons for this increase, including understaffed facilities and too few qualified specialists to cope with the ever rising number of patients needing treatment. Other factors include long hours, inadequate training and failing standards with regard to hygiene and patient safety. But the problem isn’t isolated to large hospitals. A growing number of care homes and Primary Care Trusts have been thrust into the spotlight for failing standards, which often only come to light after an investigation into patient deaths.

Claiming For Wrongful Death

Wrongful death medical negligence claims differ to those for other types of medical malpractice in that the damages awarded are for the loss suffered by the family. This type of award is similar to that for psychological trauma in patients who have been injured due to medical malpractice. For a wrongful death claim to be considered, there must be some degree of evidence to corroborate a claim for medical negligence. In most circumstances, this will be the unforeseen death of a patient, after natural causes have been ruled out. Your solicitor will also need to demonstrate that the person in question wasn’t suffering from any other existing condition that may have been exacerbated by hospital treatment. This can usually be determined from findings within the Coroner’s report. Your solicitor may rely on these findings, as well the expert opinion of a medical specialist to prove that negligence occurred.

Maximum Compensation For Your Loss

Taking legal action may be the last thing on your mind after losing someone close to you, however, the financial pressures can soon mount, Death Claimscausing undue anxiety in an already devastating situation. While compensation can in no way replace someone of such significance in your life, it can go some way toward easing the burden of debts and mounting bills in the immediate aftermath. Our medical negligence solicitors offer no win no fee representation on a clear, fee-free basis, giving you peace of mind you’ll never have to contend with costly legal fees.

To discuss the possibility of filing a wrongful death claim, contact our sympathetic medical negligence solicitors by calling the free claim helpline number above. Our solicitors are on hand to answer your questions, and provide a no obligation case assessment to help you better understand your options.